Yesen Sustain
The most comprehensive power for Telecom Towers

T-Secure by Yesen Sustain is the most comprehensive solution for powering Telecom Towers. Its unique system architecture not only contributes to high uptime but also facilitates Smart Management and high visibility to equipment health and site operations. It's just not a Power Solution, but a Smart Site Manager.

T-Secure has been specifically designed for poor grid and off-grid Telecom Sites. With capacities ranging from 5kW to 45 kW solutions, T-Secure has the capability to support the power hungry Hub Sites and Repeater stations too.

First in the industry: T-Secureby Yesen Sustain is designed to give high uptime and comes with a 3 year warranty, a first in the industry.

• Smart Management
• High System Efficiency
• Solar Ready with High Voltage MPPT
• Support Lead Acid and Li-Ion Batteries
• Modular Architecture
• Over the Air Firmware
• Automatic Phase selector
• Analytics and Reporting
• Smart Energy Manager
• peak Savings and Energy Source Management
• Single and Three Phase Compatible
• Multi-Layer Redundancy

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