Last Mile Cold Chain

When it comes to perishables like fish and dairy, it becomes critical to store them at low temperatures and ensure quick transport when required. By integrating IoT in our Last Mile Cold Chain solution we guarantee complete traceability of the product’s journey to the consumer, reassuring them of the quality of the product they are buying.
1. The product is fished from the ocean and is transported to the harbor.
2. The fish is segregated and packed in crates at the harbor. The crates are then tagged and transported to the market using a carrier vehicle which can be tracked and remotely monitored using a Cloud-based Platform.
3. A 4000L Refrigerated Self Powered Container is used to store the fish in markets. Various vendors buy the fish directly from the Container located within the markets. The fish sales are recorded in the cloud-based Platform. The cloud platform also monitors the temperature at which the fish is maintained.
4. Fish vendors sell the fish to the end-customers who live within a 20km radius. Customers can order the fish using a mobile app. They can also monitor the journey of the fish right from the first day of shipment and be reassured of quality.
Self Powered Storage Container
Customers can place orders via a dedicated smartphone app. After successful payment they will receive an OTP which they can use to buy fish directly from the Storage Container.
Self Powered
  Innovative Self Powered Temperature Controlled Storage Solution to ensure the quality of delivered fish.
  Cost Savings
No cooling costs as the container is self powered and utilizes solar energy.
IP67 Enclosure
The Container is fully waterproof.
Real Time Monitoring
   Integrated Cloud-based platform to monitor and control the quality and quantity of sold fish.
Weight Assessment
  Load Sensors are provided to avoid adulteration.
Cost effective sales
  Significant savings through cost effective sales.
Processed Fish Carrier Vehicle
Integrated Fleet Management
  Organization and coordination of work vehicles to improve efficiency and reduce costs
Temperature Monitoring
  Temperature is monitored from Source to Destination to eliminate the risk of fish spoilage
Weight Assessment
  Load Sensors are provided to avoid adulteration <
GPS Tracking
  Provides users with Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) services
Electronic Logging Device (ELD)
  Electronic hardware that is attached to a commercial motor vehicle engine to record driving hours
Our Advantages
• Temperature-controlled supply chain.
• Traceability from Source to Destination
• Assured high quality fish supply
• Reassurance to customers that fish is maintained in a cold chain from Source to Destination
• Seamless and superfast delivery