Pioneering Clean Tech Marine Solutions for a Sustainable world.
Our E-Marine Solution helps eliminate boating emissions and elevates sustainable boating to a whole new level. We invite you to a sustainable world with no sound, vibrations, fumes or breakdowns - where you and your guests enjoy peace of mind, being one with nature. Over the years, we have provided comprehensive E-Boating solutions in various parts of the world - Maldives, Australia, Sri Lanka and India. Our inboard and outboard turn-key systems can be retrofitted into a boat your own today or a new boat that you are acquiring.
The E Marine Advantage.
The E Marine System by Yesen Sustain helps build trusted resilience into the industry by being both in the forefront of environment compliance as well as having a better bottom line and more cash in hand. Our Outboard Systems can be retrofitted within a day and the Inboard Systems set up within a week, thus saving you precious time.
E Marine includes:
• High-efficiency electric motor
• Power control unit
• High- Efficiency Solar Panel
• Energy Storage System (Battery)
• Multi-level safety system
• Advanced Predictive Maintenance System
• Telematics for Remote Monitoring and Predictive Analysis
• IRS approval (in process)

Why should you go electric?

Save Money.
With low running costs, you save money on fuel.
Move Silently.
With virtually no sound on board. There will be no disturbing noise to irritate the sight-seers.
Go Clean.
With an electric outboard motor, there will be no greasy dirt to stain your hands, clothes, deck and trunk during use and transportation.
Be Safe.
We are limiting the voltage within 100V. Which is within the recommended safety limit. We also have an extra protective system.
Low Maintenance.
Thanks to direct-drive technology, the electric outboard motor has less moving parts, reducing the time and cost of regular maintenance.
There are no fuel or exhaust smells, so it protects the health of the passengers and also the marine life.
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