E Boats

Diesel and petrol powered boats used for transportation are the chief polluters of lakes and rivers. They emit heat and odour, are noisy and leave fuel and lubricant residue in the water. A smart and environmentally-friendly solution is Electric Boats powered by solar energy. These zero-emission boats are both silent and cost effective. They move smoothly without any rattling and do not require any lubricant or fuel costs. Moreover, maintenance costs for the electric drive and the storage battery are low.
The journey for travellers is thus smoother, silent and enjoyable.
Recognising the need to limit water pollution, we developed India’s first and Asia’s largest solar powered passenger boats for commercial applications.
Launched in 2008, Solar Boat Surya has a 25-seat capacity and is a commercially viable alternative to conventional ferry boats. It was included in the Limca Book of Records as the Largest Solar Boat in Asia.
In 2009, Solar Boat SUNRIDER was launched with a 10-seat capacity. It was included in the Limca Book of Records as Asia’s Fastest Solar Powered Passenger Boat. It also won the InterSolar Award in 2015.
International Boating Award (IBA)
We were awarded the International Boating Award (IBA) for Responsible Tourism in 2009.
 • Ease of Operation
 • High Manoeuvrability
 • High Stability
 • High Performance Efficiency
 • Modern Styling
 • Aerodynamic Design
 • Unique Hull Design
 • Large Duck Space
 • Advanced Safety Features
 • Powers the entire system of boats
 • Zero Emission
 • Silent Running
 • No shaking & rattling
 • No odour of fuel
Safety Measures
 • International safety standards
 • Stabilizer hulls to improve stability and safety
 • Provides reserve buoyancy
 • Reduces the pitching motion in rough waters
 • Increased freeboard for better stability
 • Water-tight Compartments
 • Each hull divided into three water-tight compartments, four of which are filled with foam to prevent water seepage in case of damage
Life Saving Equipment
 • Life jackets for adults and kids
 • Life buoys
 • First aid box kits
 • Fire extinguishers
Service & Support
 • 24X7 Customer Support by factory-trained engineers
 • 2 Years unlimited On-site Warranty
 • 10 years Warranty for the solar modules
 • 5 years Warranty for solar charge controllers
 • AMC available after 2nd year
 • Training provided for boat operators
As travellers become more savvy and choose more eco-friendly options, the travel and tourism industry can also do the same. As more industries adopt greener technologies, they are becoming affordable and now make far more economic sense. Savings on fossil fuel costs and low environmental impact are two key reasons the tourism industry should go green.