Phocos is a world leader in the solar energy industry and is known for its innovative technologies for providing off-grid solutions. Phocos' commitment to changing the lives of those who have no access to grid power mirrors that of Yesen Sustain.

You can now buy high quality Inverters, Controllers and Refrigerators by Phocos through Yesen Sustain.


The Phocos Any-Grid Inverter is one of the most multi-purpose inverters with the functionality of operating in both on-grid and off-grid mode. The Inverter exhibits full power transfer capabilities allowing for uninterrupted supply of power from either one of the three sources – solar photovoltaic system, battery and the grid. The Inverter also comes equipped with a battery-free mode operation. In this mode, the need for investing in a costly battery bank is removed and power is supplied directly to the loads simultaneously from the grid and the solar photovoltaic system.

Product Features
• Flexible, advanced features with options to solve many common challenges in the field
• Integrated high-voltage MPPT charge controller. The high-voltage PV connection means in most scenarios the PV modules can simply be connected in series, avoiding costly combiner boxes and string fuses or diodes, thus reducing total system cost.
• Integrated AC battery charger
• Charge controller functions even if Inverter is turned off, to keep batteries fully charged
• Compatible with Lithium batteries
• Functions without an expensive battery to reduce energy consumption from the grid with minimal investment
• Detachable display/communication unit with 6 LEDs and an intuitive LCD screen
• High level of connectivity: BLE, USB-OTG (on-the-go), RS-485, RS-232, relay for generator start
• Washable filter reduces dust buildup in the inverter
• Store or load parameters via USB for quick configuration
• Integrated buzzer for error indications
• Galvanic isolation of battery allows positive or negative grounding
• Up to 9 inverters can be connected in parallel or 3-phase for up to 45 kW of synchronized AC power
• Grid feed-in option is code-protected to avoid accidental feed-in

cis-n-mppt-led (15 a)
Industrial MPPT Solar Charge Controller with LED Driver The CIS-N-MPPT-LED is a multi-functional solar charge controller with built-in LED boost driver for solar outdoor lighting systems. Equipped with a widely adjustable automatic light timer that uses solar input voltage to determine day and night, the CIS-N-MPPT-LED adjusts to seasonal changes. In addition, the built-in LED driver features timed and low-voltage dimming of LED strings. Like all CIS family products, CIS-N-MPPT-LED has been designed for the harshest industrial environments and features a rugged, fully potted (IP68) enclosure that prevents damage from dust, insect and water ingress. The infra-red communication feature allows for full control of light timer settings and LVD customization via remote control accessory (CIS-CU) and full adjustment of the battery charge regime and access to 2 years of system data via USB adaptor (MXI-IR) and Phocos' free PC software (CISCOM).

Product Features

• Three functions in one: MPPT charge controller + light timer + LED driver
• Works in 12 or 24 V systems
• Up to 30% additional power yield compared to conventional PWM controllers
• IP68 ingress protection
• Input for motion detector (PIR)
• Infrared-programmable load timing feature with dimming, which is ideal for lighting systems
• 2 year datalogging memory
• Compatible with 60 cell PV modules

cis-n-mppt series (15-30 a)

Industrial MPPT Charge Controllers with Lighting Control Off-grid PV systems exposed to extreme weather/environmental conditions impose increased risk of damage to power electronics. In order to ensure reliable battery protection under such conditions, Phocos developed the CIS-N-MPPT charge controller family to prevent corrosion. The CIS-N-MPPT series include convenient and advanced lighting control, which allows the user to decide whether they want the automatic lighting control with LED dimming to be either time or low-voltage activated.

Product Features

• Infrared-programmable load timing feature with dimming ideal for lighting systems
• 2 years of system performance data accessible via MXI-IR interface, PC software (CISCOM)
• Up to 98% power conversion efficiency
• Up to 4-stage charging increases battery lifespan
• I/V or I/U curve sweep algorithm increases performance when panels are shaded
• Fully encapsulated anodized aluminum housing design prevents damage from corrosion, insects and dust
• 20 cm connection wire
• Compatible with 60 cell modules
• Compatible with Lithium batteries (no BMS communication)
• IP68 Ingress Protection

eco-n-mppt (15 a) MPPT Solar Charge Controller

ECO-N-MPPT is the intelligent, cost-effective choice for low-power applications that require maximum charging efficiency. Phocos' high-performance Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm ensures optimal charging current from your panel/array in all conditions. This results in up to 30% higher power yield than conventional PWM charge controllers. This added efficiency paired with Phocos' precision 4-stage, temperature-compensated (external temperature sensor included) charge regime significantly extends battery lifespan, reducing number of battery replacements over the useable life of the system. The encapsulated housing and corrosion-resistant wire terminals protect the ECO-N-MPPT from the harshest environments. An intuitive, 3-LED interface display basic system status data including: charge on/off, low battery warning, high/low-voltage disconnect, and load over current/short circuit.
Product Features
• Works in 12 or 24 V battery systems (auto recognition)
• Up to 98% power-conversion efficiency
• Compact footprint fits in tight spaces
• Rugged, potted design withstands vibration, dust, insects and water ingress
• Install requires only a flathead screwdriver
• Built-in low-voltage disconnect feature
• Four-stage charging ensures maximum battery lifespan
• User-selectable battery type
• Lithium battery compatible
• Programmable night light, battery type, charging voltages and discharge voltage limit (MXI accessory required)

DC Chest Refrigerator/Freezer

The Phocos FR Series provides flexibility to customers, creating a valuable solution for various applications. In the field, these units can be used with 12 V or 24 V batteries, and can operate as a refrigerator or freezer (by simply adjusting the thermostat). The FR series units contain a maintenance-free brushless DC compressor for direct connection to a battery and do not require an inverter to operate. Energy-efficient features such as extra-thick insulation and a lockable lid make them especially suited for solar-powered applications. These DC appliances have an easy to clean inner lining. A run-off plug allows easy de-icing for the FR100. The FR170MP and FR240MP models also include space for a battery with their integrated battery compartment.

Product Features

• Works as a fridge or freezer with adjustable thermostat
• Does not require an inverter
• Works with both 12/24 V systems (auto recognition)
• Environmentally-friendly refrigerant
• Hanging basket(s) included for better space utilisation inside

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