P-Secure is an all-in-one Power Conditioning Unit, designed to provide energy security for remote and edge-of-the-grid locations. It meets the requirements of Hospitals, Schools, Banks, Corporate offices, Supermarkets and Cold storages.

• Pure Sine Wave Power
• Modular Architecture – expandable from 5 to 45 kW
• Solar Ready with high Voltage MPPT
• Plug and Play – for easier installation.
• Smart Energy Manager
• Peak Shavings and Energy Source Management
• Multi-Layer Redundancy
• Single and Three Phase Compatible
• Smart Load Management - Optional
• Automatic Phase Selector – Optional
• Priority Load Management – Optional
• Advanced analytics and reporting to predict failure
• 3-year warranty, a first in the industry.

Reliable Energy When You Need It Most

P-Secure, By Yesen Sustain Is The Most Comprehensive Solution For Hybrid System Applications.

The Biggest Advantage Of P-Secure Is That It Guarantees High Uptime Through Smart Management. A Comprehensive Solution For Hybrid System Applications, P-Secure Also Ensures High Visibility To Equipment And Site Operations. It's Not Just A Power Solution, But A Smart Energy Manager.

P-Secure Has Been Specifically Designed For Poor Grid And Off-grid Applications. Capacities Range From 5kW To 45 KW Solutions.

P-Secure Solutions Are Designed To Give High Uptime And Comes With A 3 Year Warranty, A First In The Industry.

• Smart Managements
• High System Efficiency >97%
• High Level Surge Protection
• High Level Surge Protection
• Modular Architecture
• Smart Energy Manager
• Peak Shavings And Energy Source Management
• Single And Three Phase Compatibility
• Capacities Range From 5kW To 45 KW
• 3-year Warranty

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