Plug and Play Solar Energy Storage System for edge of the grid homes.

Today’s home needs to be resilient and self sufficient in terms of energy, ensuring Energy Security. HSecure is specifically designed for residential applications, which is Smart and Modular.

• Specifically designed for residential application
• Modular Architecture – expandable from 5 to 45 kW
• Built-in LiFePO4 Battery Pack with integrated high-end BMS
• Advanced analytics and reporting to predict failure
• Solar Ready with high Voltage MPPT
• Plug and Play – for easier installation.
• Smart Energy Manager
• Peak Shavings and Energy Source Management
• Multi-Layer Redundancy
• Single and Three Phase Compatible
• Smart Load Management - Optional
• Automatic Phase Selector – Optional
• Priority Load Management - Optional
• Comes with a 3-year warranty, a first in the industry.

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