Elco. Pioneering Marine Propulsion Motors since 1893.

Elco has been manufacturing electric outboard and inboard engines since 1893. The capacity of Elco engines range from 2 to 125 hp and is ideal for boats, sailing yachts and motor yachts. Boating enthusiasts across the world trust Elco for its durable, powerful, safe and efficient motors that have spearheaded the industry for more than 125 years.

Yesen Sustain recognized Elco's passion and expertise in Marine motor technology as it seeks to spread the cause of clean energy with hybrid propulsion systems.

With more than half of the oxygen we breathe coming from the ocean, keeping our water free from emissions, oil, and other pollutants is key to ensuring the future of our fresh water and air. Elco considers pioneering sustainability for the marine industry its obligation to ensure future generations have the opportunity to experience the joy provided by our fresh bodies of water.

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