Affordable energy storage for living spaces.

Energy Storage is a critical requirement to build resilience to our homes and establishments. B-Liph is a unique Energy Storage Solution, which is both reliable and affordable. It incorporates smartness and intelligence and ensures high round trip efficiency and reliability.

B-Liph 5.12kWhr-SecuRE ESS by Yesen Sustain is based on LiFePO4 battery technology and gives you high energy density, ultra-long service life, wide temperature working range, excellent safety, high reliability. It is suitable for both residential and commercial application.

B-Liph is modular in architecture and expandable in capacity.
Available capacities include: 5.12 kWhr
Life Expectancy: >10 years @250C


• Built-in Battery Management System
• Built-in Active Balancing Feature
• High energy density
• High operation reliability
• Extra- Long service life
• Easy installation
• Intelligent Management
• Plug & Play
• Monitoring & Configuration using Bluetooth App
• Remote Monitoring (third quarter of 2021)

Dimension (Length x Height x Thickness) 80CM x 80CM x 11CM
Weight : 55kg

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